Cairn snow globe
Cairn snow globe
A cairn is a man made stack of stones and in the Zen tradition, each stone represents a perfectly aligned thought. Put it in a snowglobe — and voila — a perfect (snow)storm!
measures 100mm (approximately 4 inches)


Available Cool Snowglobes:
4 Seasons (set of 4 mini snowglobes)
Cat on Books snowglobe
Wave snowglobe
Sailboat snowglobe
Mermaid snowglobe
Gold Buddha snowglobe
Laughing Buddha snowglobe
Crystal Buddha snowglobe
mini Crystal Buddha snowglobe
Cairn snowglobe
Butterfly on Branch snowglobe
Crocuses in the Snow snowglobe
Winter (trees) snowglobe
Winter Evening snowglobe — blue version of "Winter"
Snow Storm snowglobe
Klimt's Kiss snowglobe
George Seurat snowglobe
Trio (ballet dancers)

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