Fliptomania flipbooks
We are proud to say that Mark Weisburg, the man behind these creative flipbooks, was a Joie de Vivre customer. He was inspired by some of the other flipbooks we carried to start playing around with making them... and now he is the owner of one of the best flipbook companies around! He flips everything from the Mona Lisa to an Alien Birthday Invasion.

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Whale Breach flipbook Flying Fish flipbook Muybridge Cat flipbook Muybridge Horse flipbook
T. Rex flipbook dog flipbook hummingbird flipbook Sock Monkey flipbook
Jungle Morph flipbook metamorphosis flipbook
King Kong flipbook North by Northwest flipbook Wizard of Oz flipbook Marilyn Monroe flipbook
Beatles flipbook Elvis Volume 1 flipbook Elvis Volume 3 flipbook
Hokusai Ducky flipbook Degas Dancer flipbook mona lisa flipbook Leonardo DaVinci flipbook
M.C. Escher flipbook How to be an Artist flipbook Gothic Scream flipbook
History of Flight flipbook History of Trains flipbook Apollo flipbook bridges flipbook
Getting Married flipbook Birthday Invasion flipbook Party Animal flipbook dragon birthday flipbook
Stick People flipbook Fairy Magic flipbook

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