Invented by writer and teacher Brian Mooney for use in a writing workshop, The Storymatic is an unprepossesing looking little brown box. Holding six trillion stories. Stories that you make up yourself, by drawing two cards — a character card (a few examples: Person in professional disgrace. Driver of an ice cream truck. Animal psychic.) and a story prompt card. (cherished toy. door won't open. declaration of war.) Combine your cards and tell a story, long or short. We love it. Come on in and tell us a story!
comes with 540 unique cards (trillions of combinations!)
made in the USA

also available:
The Storymatic Kids! (with slightly simpler cards for children)
Rememory (access stories you already have in your memories)

for orders/enquiries click here or phone 617.864.8188
Joie de Vivre, Cambridge, Massachusetts