Wish Paper   keep wishing!!!

Wish Paper!
A wonderful way to wish... write your wish on the paper, then light it with a match. It will magically rise high and as it floats back down (as ash) — catch it! You just might get your wish... These are very popular in Europe — and we think once tried, they'll be equally popular here.
A bit of wish paper history: An ancient Chinese tradition that traveled to Europe, where "we" [Tops Malibu — our suppliers] discovered it in an Italian bakery in the 1960s while buying cookies. The Baker instructed me to roll my cookie wrapper in my hand and make a wish. He then set the paper on a dish and lit it with a match. Magically the Wishing paper lifted, flying skyward, twirled a few times and turned to ash. The baker told me my wish had come true. (And it did!)
10 pieces of wish paper in each set

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