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Campagna Toscana Zen Puzzle (special pieces)
(click on thumbnails to see pieces and finished puzzle)
These lovely wooden jigsaw puzzles are made right here in Massachusetts! Each one has specially shaped pieces to fit its theme — and some rather diabolical false edge pieces too.
Hand-crafted in America from FSC Certified Birch wood

$17.50 "teaser" size: 50 pieces, 1 figural piece, 4.4 inches by 4.4 inches
$40.00 small size: 126 pieces, 5 figural pieces, 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches
$65.00 medium size: 202 pieces, 8 figural pieces, 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches

there are many puzzles available in various sizes — here is a small sampling:

Ship Denmark Zen Puzzle Lotus Blossoms Zen Puzzle Polar Bear Zen Puzzle blue parrot Zen Puzzle Honeybees Zen Puzzle Violin Zen Puzzle

please contact us to see what is in stock!

for orders/enquiries click here or phone 617.864.8188
Joie de Vivre, Cambridge, Massachusetts