We have just returned from a month of shows — the Gift Show, the Toy Fair and two wholesale American Craft Shows and are happy to report that we found lots of good new things — from both old and new vendors. And what are some of these things? Well... for one thing, an excellent way to celebrate March 14th — our new Pi tee shirt. From the same folks, some cool "travel flasks" (aka thermoses!) and wine tumblers, adorned with the chemical composition of red or white wine, and more sets featuring northern and southern constellations — see stars while you sip, or, bone up on your Star Trek vehicles with our new mug. Or try our bioluminescence mug — the glow in the dark denizens of the deep sea appear when you add a hot beverage We have two kinds of new "dough" — the pyschedically boxed "Nee Doh" and Pinch Me "therapy" dough in really nice scents like melon, sun, coffee and more. (Also, our wonderful squeezable Finnish snowball is finally back in stock!)

We have some beautiful new flying animal mobiles from South America, including a hummingbird, unicorn, dragon and a rather special chicken. And Blue Q has new bags — a flamingo shoulder tote, two zip pouches, and a few coin purses. We have a Mr./Mrs. cutting board set from Kikkerland, an Edible Ensembles fashion book and a great book of vintage photos, Snaphots of Dangerous Women. A modern dangerous woman might want our flashy new desktop saber, and we have a really cool new vortex bank. Then, from Maple Landmark in Vermont we have an animal tracks trivet and both artist's and writer's blocks, and we finally have a wood dog puzzle to match our cats. We found some beautiful new glass hearts, new prints and a pin from Kristiana Parn, and 2 new memory games — Match a Track and Match a Bird.

And more! Vintage Gold Star Stickers, an I Adulted sticker book, Life Champ Magnets, an Instant Poetry generator, a funny inspirational phrase desktop generator, and a Magic Library — a Jacob's Ladder made of books, and a new floral version of the classic One Line A Day 5 Year Memory Book. And of course, March may come in like a lion, but this year it literally leaves like a lamb — the last day is the day before an early Easter. We have new wooden rolling rabbits, a bunny jack-in-the box, fun pop up vases, and our chicken pillow and bag. There will be lots more Easter things coming in and since we're pretty much out of room, we promise to post new arrivals faithfully on our facebook page.

And please note — we'll be closed on April 1st for Easter, robbing us of the chance to April Fool you this year, but never fear — we'll start thinking about next year now!

Devil Duckie March 2018