"refrigerator" magnets
Telling it like it is — from housecleaning to history — with a little just plain silly thrown in. "Desserts is stressed spelled backwards"... who knew?
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Ephemera Bill Murray magnet Sarcasm magnet Putin I voted magnet Evidently rock bottom has a basement magnet Trump magnet resistance magnet global warming magnet
Keith Richards magnet new Ephemera magnets Pete Seeger magnet Time spent with cats magnet Lewis Carroll magnet
Leonard Cohen magnet Bob Ross magnet Highway to Hell magnet magnet Earth without art is just Eh magnet
Well behaved women rare defeat empires magnet Science is not a liberal conspiracy magnet My Comedy/News Channel magnet G fun-damental rights magnet Well behaved women magnet
magnet magnet magnet magnet If I agreed with you magnet
I'm so old  magnet proofreading magnet to do list magnet magnet magnet
new Ephemera magnets Ephemera magnet Ephemera calculus magnet A raw diet? You mean like cookie dough? magnet cat hamster magnet four versions magnet Jesus had two dads magnet

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